Readily Achievable Barrier What!?

What are your readily achievable barrier removal responsibilities? I completed my first inspection in 2005. I was a certified inspector, had the credentials required, and knew what I needed to know, right? Not quite. Since then, I’ve come to understand that there is often more to what I don’t know than there is to what I do know. Never stop … Read More

Accessibility by the Numbers (2018)

I love LA!

Every year, the California Commission on Disability Access releases its Annual Report to the Legislature. The 2019 report consists of 38 pages this year and seems to show trends continuing in the same direction. This post will break down this year’s report. CCDA’s website can be found at Alternatively, you can download the full report here. Federal complaints outnumbered … Read More

Restrooms and Bathrooms

Tucked away and hidden from view, restrooms are unique spaces designed for everyone to use. As customers, we use them, we abuse them, and we take them for granted. As a business owner, restrooms are spaces that don’t produce income, create expenses in the way of time, labor, and materials, and are a source of significant liability. The liability discussed … Read More


If you haven’t seen the front page, check it out. There is quite a bit of information and statistics there, the most striking of which is where these ADA violation allegations are located. If you remember one thing, just remember PARKING! Facing ADA parking complaints, citations, threats? Ensure your parking is code compliant. Contact us today to schedule an inspection. … Read More

The beginning of sevenT3, inc.

My name is Josh. I haven’t written anything formal (besides my evaluations reports, field visits, and inspection reports) for a very, very long time. So, I will do my best to be informal, about once a month! My plans currently entail discussing photos of construction and the potential problems and downright mistakes that can be seen. It is not meant … Read More