It worked well yesterday...

Today it could land you in some trouble.

The way we've done things in the past cannot continue to dictate the way we do things now.

Many items in your business can be renovated and changed, even without a building permit. Carpet, signs, mirrors, door hardware, toilet paper dispensers, soda dispensers, card readers, shower heads...the list goes on and on. Maintenance will replace it before you know there is a problem only to lead to a real problem. All of those items can and do have Federal ADA requirements and, when not maintained, can lead to real trouble.

Contact us to experience a professional service that will guide your team to proper maintenance and repair. When equal acces is provided to everyone, everyone wins.

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The most painful injury is self inflicted.

Let's be proactive and work together to identify areas of concern and teach your team to avoid them altogether.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Retain a specialist rather than waiting for an allegation.